3rd best MinPin in Finland
Best black male in Finland

Veikkas first Show-year
(he has been shown for 16 times):

* Junior World Winner 2003
* Copenhagen Winner 2003

* 13 x Excellent (EXC)
* 3 x Very Good (VG)
* Best in Group4 (BIG4)
* 3 times Best of Breed (BOB)
* 3 x FIN CAC, 1 x DK CAC
* 6 x res-CAC

What a great year!

Dog Show 14.12.2003
Intermediate class: EXCELLENT 3,CC
"Type and general impression: excellent. Fine head and expression. Good ear carriage. Excellent topline. Excellent tailset. Moves with good drive. Very good presentation."
Judge: Nenne Runsten, Sweden


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HELSINKI International Winner 2003 Dog Show 7.12.2003
Intermediate class: EXCELLENT 1, res-CAC

"Very good type. Good neck and topline. Good angulations and good body. Nice tan-markings. Moves well."
.Judge: Gunnel Holm, Finland

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JYVÄSKYLÄ International Dog Show 15.11.2003
Intermediate class:1, EXCELLENT Res-CACIB, CAC
"Very good head and expression. Stands correctly on his feet. Good body. Strong back. Moves well."
Judge: Birgitta Hasselgren, Sweden


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Copenhagen Winner Show 20.9.2003
Intermediate class: EXCELLENT, CACIB, DK CAC, BOB, KBHV-03
Critic writen in Danish??
Judge: Hans Lehtinen, Finland

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Helsinki FSPU Special Show 30.8.2003
Intermediate class: VERY GOOD
"Black. Excellent size.Very good type. Typical head. Scissors bite. Dark brown eyes. Erect ears. Beautiful tail. Medium strong bonestructure. Beautiful tan markings. Moves well. "
Judge: J.A.U. Yrjölä, Finland


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StMichel International Dog Show 27.7.2003
Junior class: EXCELLENT, Res-CAC
"Good size. Good head. Stabile ears. Correct compact scissors bite. Excellent topline. Deep chest. Free in movement."
Judge: Annamaria Tarjan, Hungary

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Kokkola 12.7.2003
Junior class: VERY GOOD
"Very promising junior. Well proportioned head. Godd neck and shoulders. Good topline. Good angulations."
Judge: Karl-Gustav Fredricson, Sweden


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Pieksämäki 29.6.2003
Junior class: EXCELLENT, CAC Best of Breed
"Good carriage & masculin junior dog. Right proportions in body. Excellent head and expression. Balanced topline and tailset. Self-confident & erect."
Judge: Harry Tast, Finland

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Suonenjoki 28.6.2003
Junior class: EXELLENT, CAC, Best of Breed, Best in Group 4
"Good size. Quite good head. Dark eyes. Good bite. Very good, firm body. Good rear. Good colour. Moves well."
Judge: Anita Lindroos, Sweden


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Laukaa 15.6.2003
Junior class: EXCELLENT, RES-CAC
"Excellent propotioned male with strong bone structure. Normaly angulated. Right shaped head. Normal dentition. Good eyes. Normal colour. Moves with good drive. "
Judge: Olavi Pasanen, Finland

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Espoo 14.6.2003
Junior class: VERY GOOD
"General appearance, strong. Excellent condition. Nice head. Correct placement of ears. Correct sissor bite. Dark, medium size eyes. Strong, beautifull arched neck. Very good, slope to rear top line. Good angulations. Good movement. Catlike feet. Red and black colour good."
Judge: Sonya Saxby, UK


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World Winner Dog Show 2003
31.5.2003 Dortmund, Germany
Junior class: V1 WORLD JUNIOR WINNER 2003
"Excellent size. Very nice neck and topline. Nice substitute in body and bone. Well anculated. Nice colour and coat. Moves very well."
Judge: Ole Staunskjaer, Denmark

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Veikka posing in showring.

Lahti 26.4.2003
Junior class: EXCELLENT, RES-CAC
"Very good male with excellent outline. Good bite. Good eyes. Neck long enought. Good topline. Well-proportioned, good body. Moves well. "
Anneli Alfthan, Finland


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VIRRAT 12.4.2003
Junior class: EXCELLENT, RES-CAC
"Erect male with excellent type. Very good head, ears in upright position. Very well angulated, especially from behind. Good tail carriage. Moves well. "
Ritva Raita, Finland


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Ritva Raita and Veikka in Virrat.

Judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe measure out Veikka.

Tampere 16.3.2003
Junior class: EXCELLENT
"Size 30 cm. Excellent type. Parallel head lines. Nice body with good brisket. Erect and ideal built. Moves well. "
Annika Ulltveit-Moe, Sweden


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PORI 1.2.2003
Junior class: EXCELLENT, RES-CAC
"Altogether excellent proportion. Masculin beautiful head. Good muzzle. Nicely situated and well carried ears. Beautiful neck with excellent integration on back. Good body, strong loin. Excellent bone and feet. He moves with right pinscher attitude. "
Hans Ahlmgren, Sweden

Judge Hans Ahlmgren examining Veikka in Pori.

Best of breed puppy 8.12.2003
Judge Soile Bister and the owner.
HELSINKI 8.12.2002
"Excellent type, well proportioned, brisk dog. Good body, enough angulations in front. Good backend. First class tail. Good, deep tan colour."
Soile Bister, Finland


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