HELSINKI INT, Winner-Show 4.-5.12.2004

Bestseller Domino
Puppy Class: 1 HP, BOB-puppy
Judge: Gunnel Holm, Finland

A'Dreams Black Thunder
Champion Class: EXC
Judge: Paavo Mattila, Finland

A'Dreams Black Orchid
Junior Class: VG
Judge: Paavo Mattila, Finland

Judge: Mr P.W.J.M. v. Montfoort, Holland

A'Dreams Black Thunder
Champion Class: EXC1 BD1 CAC CACIB BOS Amsterdam Winner 2004

A'Dreams Black Orchid
Junior Class: EXC2

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Judge: Anneli Alfthan, Finland

A'Dreams Black Thunder
Open Class: 1/1 BD1 CAC CACIB BOS EST CH

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A'Dreams Black Thunder achieved FinSg-tittle with results from following judges:

Hans Lehtinen: EXC1 CAC CACIB BOB
Eva Borg: EXC1 CAC BOB
Anneli Althan: EXC1 CAC CACIB BOS

RONNEBY INT, Sweden 29.7-1.8.2004

A'Dreams Black Thunder
Open Class: 1/2 CQ BD2 res-CACIB (Zafra Sirik, Israel)
Open Class: 1/2
(Per-Erik Wallin, Sweden)
Open Class: 1/3 CQ BD4 (Neil Graves, Canada)
Open Class: 1/5 (Hassi Assenmachel-Feyel, Germany)

A'Dreams Black Orchid
Junior Class 1/2 HP
(Zafra Sirik, Israel)
Junior Class 1/2 CQ (Neil Graves, Canada)

All results:
29.7 Ronneby
30.7 Ronneby
31.7 Ronneby
1.8 Ronneby

ORIVESI Dog Show 18.7.2004
A'Dreams Black Thunder

"Excellent type. Masculine male with good head and expression. Good neck and back. Excellent proportions. Goode bonestructure and angulations. Good body. Moves with good drive. Good coat and colour."
Judge: Eva Borg, Sweden

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HELSINKI SSPK Special Show 12.6.2004
Open Class: EXC4

"A short, well balanced male. Masculin head. Good neck. Good back. Deep chest. Good in front. Good movement. Good colour."
Judge: Benny Blid, Swerige

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HELSINKI ISPU Special Show 13.6.2004
Open Class: VG2

"Excellent type and size. Masculin head. Excellent neck and topline. Good angulations. A bit short in movements. Excellent coat, colour and temperament."
Judge: Wera Hübenthal, Norway

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ORIMATTILA National Group Show 20.5.2004
Open Class: EXC2

"A male out of excellent type. Splendid head. Correct bite. Muscular neck. Beautiful topline. Deap, wide chest. Strong bone. Enought angulations. Moves freely."
Judge: Keijo Alen, Finland

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VIRRAT National Group Show 8.5.2004
Open Class: EXC2 Best Dog 4

"Excellent type and size. Good head. Correct bite. Dark eyes. A bit soft ears. Good topline. Good chest and feet. Moves freely."
Judge: Lilian Hanniste, Estonia

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LAHTI International Dog Show23.4.2004
Intermediate Class: EXC2

"Almost 2years black & tan dog of very good type. A little round head. Good eye and expression. I love his style and size. Correct topline. Good angulation. Good feet. Deep brisket. Square body. Very typical movement with hackney action. Shows with spirit."
Judge: Howard Ogden, UK

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