Didaktic’s OMG first time in Intermediate Class

International Dog Show, Tarto, Estonia, 3.11.2018

Judge: Colm Hastings (IE)

Our little star Myy was shown for the first time in intermediate class.

Didaktic’s OMG: EXC1 CQ, BF1, CACIB & BOS

“Good balance and construction. Alert expression, excellent eyes. Good bone and substance. Could easily do the work. Covers the ground well.”

International Dog Show Tarto, Estonia, 4.11.2018

Judge Horst Kliebenstein (DE)

Didaktic’s OMG: EXC1 CQ, BF1, CACIB & BOB

“Elegant excellent looking bitch. Very nice head type. Very well carried ears. Beautiful neck. Correct topline & croup. Deep chest. Very good angulations. Powerful parallel movement.”

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