Didaktic’s Vico at Heinola (NAT) & Riihimäki (NORD & INT)

This summer has been Vico’s show debut. And he have done that with style! He has entered six shows in Finland got 6 CAC and 5 BOB. The only male who has beaten Vico this summer has been his grandfather.

Didaktic’s Vico

22.8.21 Heinola NAT
Judge: Pirjo Aaltonen, FI
Didaktic’s Vico JUN EXC1 CQ BM1 CAC BOB

One week from Heinola was Riihimäki, NORD. Vico continued his The Best of Breed line-up. Vico’s 5th show and 5th CAC!

28.8.2021 Riihimäki NORD
Judge: Tino Pehar, Croatia
Didaktic’s Vico, EXC1 CQ BM1 CAC NORDCAC BOB

29.8.21 Riihimäki INT
Judge: Francesco Cochetti, Italy
Didaktic’s Vico EXC1CQ BM1 CAC CACIB BOB

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