Winner Shows 2023 in Finland

Helsinki Winner 2023
judge: Mari Lackman, FI
24 kelpies entered

Didaktic’s (OMG, Cosmopolitan, Aureola, Vico)

Our top results for the day:
BOB-BREEDER: Didaktic’s (OMG, Cosmopolitan, Aureola, Vico)
Four combinations, ages between 13,5 and 2,5. So proud that all have excellent movements and correct tails.
BOS HeW-23 Didaktic’s OMG
BOS-VET HeVW-23 Didaktic’s Cosmopolitan

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BOB Sabletails Rocky Road, whos father is D Name Me Moondance and BOS Didaktic’s OMG
BOB-veteran Promotion Benelli Tornado – BOS-veteran Didaktic’s Cosmopolitan

Finnish Winner 2023
Judge: Lyn Brand, Australia
30 kelpies entered

BOB Didaktic’s OMG & BOS Aussie Action’s Zuper Zwix

BOB-BREEDER Didaktic’s (OMG, Cosmopolitan, Alora Acer, Vico)
” 4 separate litters. Showing excellent breed type. Such unity though all dogs and bitches. Excellent breed type throughout! “
BOB V-23 Didaktic’s OMG
BOS-JUN JV-23 Didaktic’s Win
CAC Didaktic’s Alora Acer
All our kelpies got CQ, nice placements and critique.

All results can be found here.

Helsinki Winner & Winner Puppy Shows
BOB-puppy x 2
Didaktic’s Dream Catcher

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