B2-litter (06/2022)

FI CH RTK3 Didaktic’s Qaya, “QAYA”

Didaktic’s Qaya

hips: A/A
elbows: 0/0
knees: 0/0
spinal: LTV1, VA0
heart: healthy

Character Test: +170 points, secure to shots
Rally Obedience: RTK3
Obedience: ALO1
Show: Finnish Champion

Qaya in KoiraNet

Qaya in Instagram

Qaya’s Character Test in YouTube

Sire: FI CH JV-17 HeJW-17 RTK1
Evallens Red & Tan Unik, “UNIK”

(AUST CH Tomolga Poetry In Motion – Evallens Black & Tan Morningstar)

d.o.b. 28.7.2016
ED: 0/0
Knees: 0/0
Spinal: LTV0, VA0, SP0
Eyes: 0/0
Cardiac health certificate summary of echocardiography and EKG:  no signs of heart disease.
Size: 51-52 cm
Show: FI CH
Rally Obedience: RTK1

Approved Character test +144 points.

Unik in Character test

Unik in KoiraNet

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