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Latest News:

16.5.2016 Excellent results keep on coming! Also some news about our planned O-litter.

Didaktic's Lincoln and Lumina, both kids are only one year and both have already 2 x CAC.

8.5.2016 D-team has started year a bit slowly but so far we have got excellent show results, obedience results and two new Characcter Tested kelpies and new Finnish Champion. Specially happy I am about our L-kids who have started out strong. They just turned one year and all five have got EXC from Shows and three even their first CAC. Well done!
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Finnish Champion
Junior World Winner 2014
Helsinki Junior Winner 2014

23.2.2016 N-litter born 21.2.2015 and M-litter moved out into their new homes. Good luck with our littleones.

31.1.2016 Our M-litter is alreay four and a half weeks old. Also ultra sound proved that Didaktic's Cosmopolitan is pregnant and our N-litter is about to be born at week seven. Exciting times we are living here.

3 week old M-puppies

1.1.2016 M-litter was born 29.1.2015.

Mating has happened. Hopefully our N-litter is n the way.

CH Didaktic's Cosmopolitan
CH Promotion Beneli Tornado


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Proud breeder with
Helsinki Veteran Winner 2015 Didaktic's Arana and Finnish Veteran Winner 2015 Didaktic's Aquarius

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