“The only constant in life is change”

In the picture Didaktic’s Queen Of Hearts, Didaktic’s OMG, Didaktic’s Starbuck
and Didaktic’s Tequila. All from different litters.
???? Jenna Lindgren

Sad news…

Three weeks ago we got big setback in our breeding as well as in personal level when we had to say goodbye to our dear puppy-girl Lily (Didaktic’s VIP), when we lost her due the accident only at age of 13 weeks. Life is not always fair! There are still four lively, beautiful puppies from that litter to keep our dreams alive. Thank you all for condolences and nice words. I must say (probably said that hundred times before) that we have the best D-team in the world! With you guys it is possible to stay insane and  continue after misfortune.

… and Special Case

I think that COVID-19 has influenced us all in so many ways. Big part of our breeding has been using foreign males. In Finland it is hard to find and get males that pleases me both mentally and from confirmation perspective as well as health and genetic side. Breeding is always pros, cons, compromises and plenty of good luck.

We have found a suitable and really nice male to our X-litter. Thank you Pinja Tuukkanen, Kennel Sabletail’s and owners of Tarmo.

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