If something can go wrong it most likely will!

Two virtues that breeder must have are patience and tolerance for disappointment. Both of these are needed time to time. We have been waiting our W-litter for a while and now when everything looked fine there came set back: Myy (Didaktic’s OMG) got herself pneumonia and long sick leave with antibiotics. Mating would have been less than a week ahead. Naturally we are not taking any risks about that kind of health issues. Now we are waiting Myy to get well and mate her from her next heat (W-litter). She has about 11 months between her heat – so waiting continues …

Picture: Marika Lehtonen

This gave us opportunity to speed up mating of our next co-own bitch, Didaktic’s Qaya. She is super funny, active and lively young bitch. We are still evaluating her perfect match. When that is found there will be more info about coming B2-litter HERE.

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