Our 31st Finnish Champion!

At 23.-24.7 there was double show weekend at Kalajoki. Two of our breeding where participating to the show. This was Qaya’s weekend. She hit the jackpot and got 2 x CAC and that was enough for her to finalize her FI CH title. Now it is a good time for her to start waiting heat to come and mating at the end of this year.

Judge: Dina Korna, EE

Didaktic’s Qaya EXC1 BB1 CAC BOB
Didaktic’s Skyfall EXC2 BB2 res-CAC

Judge: Kati Taipale, FI

Didaktic’s Qaya EXC1 BB1 CQ CAC BOB -> FICH
Didaktic’s Skyfall EXC2

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