Autumn is inevitably here! The days have shortened and the air has cooled. Fortunately, the gorgeous fall colors still bright up the mind.

A week ago we got our second kelpie litter for this year. Seven lively puppies were born in a record time – three hours. So happy how fast and easy it went! This litter is now a slightly new kind of combination. I really expect these dogs to be primarily thoroughbred sport dogs. It wouldn’t hurt, of course, if they still looked really nice. After all, it is much nicer to do things with a beautiful dog. More about C2 litter you can read here.

I have had really big luck to be able to judge some shows despite of COVID. One highlight of this year was to be able to judge at Finnish Welsh Corgi Club’s 50th Jubilee Specialty Show and Euro Corgi Show 2021. If everything goes like planned I am able to start to study new breed group at 2022.

A lot has happened during autumn and my results here are drag way behind. I will try to update those soon.

Picture: Didaktic’s Rolex (Katri Lylynper√§)

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