D2-litter (11/ 2022)

Photo: Emmi Virtanen

At the end of the year we are planning a litter to our own breeding: Didaktic’s Starbuck. This litter will be done in co-operation with Yindi’s owner. Yindi is the first Australian Kelpie in Finland who has got Herding Champion title from Traditional Style herding. Yindi is versatile kelpie suit to all kind of sports. Focus of this litter is to produce multipurpose herding dogs. Sire has not decided yet.

FI HCH (Finnish Herding Champion) BH
Didaktic’s Starbuck, “YINDI”

(Evallens Red & Tan Lix –  Didaktic’s Make Me A Star)

Didaktic’s Starbuck
Photo: Mirka Notkonen

d.o.b. 30.9.2018
ED: 0/0
Knees: 0/0
Spinal: LTV1, VA0
Eyes: 0/0
Cardiac health certificate (auscultation examination); clear.
Size: 47 cm

Passed Character test: LT +168 p.
Safe to gunshot (no reaction) .
Approved MH
Finnish Herding Champion (Traditional Style)
Show: CAC

Yindi at KoiraNet

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