T-litter (10/ 2019)

At the end of the year we are planning a litter to Didaktic’s Not For Sale, “DANA”. We expect her to be in heat in August 2019 and if everything goes well puppies are ready to move into their new homes before Christmas. I am so happy that finally I have a chance to use Barcoo into the breeding. Thank you Maibrit!

FI CH, HeJW-16, JV-16, EEJV-17, EEV-17 Didaktic’s Not For Sale, “DANA”
(Ch Promotion Benelli Tornado – Ch Didaktic’s Cosmopolitan)

d.o.b. 2016-02-21
ED: 0/0
Spinal: LTV1, VA0, SP0
Eyes: 0/0
Knees: 0/0
Size: 47 cm
Cardiac health certificate; auscultation examination: no murmur, no symptoms.
Cardiac health certificate summary of echocardiography and ekg:  no signs of heart disease.

Dana in action. Super thanks to Dana’s co-owner, Mari Kautto about this video:

FCI Obedience 3
Approved character test: +158 points, secure with shots.
Show: Finnish Champion, Helsinki Junior Winner 2016, Finnish Junior Winner 2016, Estonian Junior Winner 2017, Estonian Winner 2017
Other: Dog dance freestyle


Sire: C.I.E. & DK CH & NO CH & DEVDHCH, LP1 Bocopie’s Barcoo
(Ch Whyalla’s Black Gali – Ch Bocopie’s Allegro)

d.o.b. 2012-12-19
ED 0
Eyes 0
Cardiac auscultation examination: no murmur, no symptoms (12/2017)

MH (secure to shots)
Correct bite and full dentition.

Obedience LP1
Nordic tracking / search

All pictures from Barcoo ©Maibrit Høj Clausen

Pedigree of planned litter:


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