B2-litter (11/2021)

We will mate our co-own bitch Didaktic’s Qaya from her next heat, that is expected to come at October/November 2021. Puppies will born at beginning of 2022.

At the moment we have so many inquiries coming that I haven’t had time to reply you all. Sorry about that! There are also quite many people already expressed their willingness to have a puppy from us.

FI CH RTK1 Didaktic’s Qaya, “QAYA”

Didaktic’s Qaya

hips: A/A
elows: 0/0
knees: 0/0
spinal: LTV1, VA0
heart: healthy

Character Test: +170 points, secure to shots
Rally Obedience: RTK2
Show: Finnish Champion

Qaya in KoiraNet

Qaya in Instagram
(There will be lots of training videos in Instagram.)

JWW-17, SE JV-17
Evallens Chocolate Treasure, “TULO”

Evallens Chocolate Treasure
Picture: Kelpiegallery.com

hips: B/B
elbows: 0/0

Approved MH (shot 2).
Approved HIT.

Tulo herding.
Pedigree of B2-litter

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