Summary of 2021

FI MVA FI TVA HeJW-16 JV-16 EEJV-17 EEV-17 Didaktic's Not For Sale
Picture: (Sofia Olsson)

If I thought that 2020 was only exceptional year, how wrong I was. Change is the only constant in life! We continued to live in difficult and changing conditions in 2021 as well. I must congratulate all D-team hard-working puppy owners. You have not given the circumstances to prevent great success. On top of these there are plenty of wins in different sports and BOB-placements as well as plenty of health examinations done. I am so proud of you all!

At 2021 we got six new Champions:
FI TVA Didaktic’s Not For Sale (Obedience Champion)
C.I.E. Didaktic’s No Speed Limit (International Show Champion)
FI MVA Didaktic’s Skyfall (Finnish Show Champion)
FI MVA Didaktic’s Prada (Finnish Show Champion)
FI MVA Didaktic’s Qaya (Finnish Show Champion)
EE JMVA Didaktic’s Vico (Estionian Junior Champion)

Didaktic’s OMG (BALTW-21, TLNW-21, EEW-21, BIS1 Swedish Kelpiespecialen 2021, HeW-21)
Didaktic’s Vico (TLNW-21, TLNJW-21, EEV-21, EEJW-21)
Didaktic’s Cosmopolitan (HeVW-21, VV-21)
Didaktic’s New Hope (HeW-21)

Didaktic’s Starbuck, PAIM1, PAIM2, PAIM3
Didaktic’s J’Lo, PAIM1, PAIM2
Didaktic’s Name Me Moondance, PAIM1, PAIM2
Didaktic’s Tequila, PAIM1 + PAIM-E + PAIM-T
Didaktic’s Vico, PAIM-T
Didaktic’s Topolino, PAIM-E ja PAIM1
Didaktic’s Not For Sale, PAIM-E ja PAIM1

Didaktic’s No Gravity
Didaktic’s Shiny Red
Didaktic’s Starbuck
Didaktic’s Tiger

Pelastuskoirakoe (Palveluskoiraliitto)
Didaktic’s No Gravity, PEKO-T
Didaktic’s Never Say Never, PEKO-T

VIRTA (Pelastuskoiraliitto)
Didaktic’s Explorer, approved
Didaktic’s Peekaboo, approved

Didaktic’s Mine O Mine, VOI1

Didaktic’s Midnight Star, ALO1, TK1
Didaktic’s My Kinda Girl, VOI1
Didaktic’s Playboy, ALO1
Didaktic’s Qaya, ALO1
Didaktic’s Qiana, ALO1
Didaktic’s Shiny Red, AVO1
Didaktic’s Tictac, ALO1
Didaktic’s Topolino, ALO1

Didaktic’s Echo, RTK2
Didaktic’s Qaya, RTK3

Didaktic’s Lotus, SERT
Didaktic’s No Speed Limit, LUVA, 2
Didaktic’s Pink, LUVA, 2
Didaktic’s Playboy, LUVA, 1
Didaktic’s Quicksilver, LUVA, 1
Didaktic’s RayBan, LUVA, 1
Didaktic’s Simply Red, LUVA, 1
Didaktic’s Skyfall, LUVA, 2
Didaktic’s Stardust, LUVA, 1

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