W-litter (born 1.7.22)

All puppies are RESERVED

1.7.2022 we got:
2 black male + 1 red male
2 red bitch + 1 black bitch

C.I.E & FI & EE & LT CH, NL & LT & LV & EE & BALT JCH, HeJW-18, JW-18, SEJW-18, EEJW-18, EEW-18, LVJW-18, KLB JCH, BENELUXJW-18, JWW-18, BALTJW-18, HeW-18, LTW-19, EEW-19, BALTW-19, HeW-19
Didaktic’s OMG, “MYY”

(Promotion Benelli Tornado –  Didaktic’s Ivanka)

d.o.b. 1.7.2017
ED: 0/0
Knees: 0/0
Spinal: LTV0, VA0
Eyes: 0/0
Cardiac health certificate; will be done before mating.
Size: 47 cm

Passed Character test with super high points: LT +236 p.
Secure with shots.

Myy in Character Test

Myy in KoiraNet (FKC database)

Pedigree of Myy

Sire: Sabletail’s Granite, “RANE”

(Yacatis Gorrang-Dwanko – Sabletail’s Blue Diamond)

Sabletail’s Granite

d.o.b. 2.4.2019
ED: 0/0
Spinal: LTV0, VA0, SP0
Size: 48 cm
Agility: sL-1
Show: CAC
Rane in KoiraNet

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