Swedish Kelpiespecialen 2022

I was truly honored to judge Swedish Kelpie Specialty Show 6.8.2022 in Stockholm. There where total 68 kelpies entered, three breeders group and two progeny group. Overall feeling after the day was very positive. I was happy to se so many quality kelpies in the ring.

My winning couple (BOB and BOS) where excellent movers and if a dog moves like this it must be structurally correct. Effortless movements with good reach and drive is a very important breed characteristic, as without it the Kelpie would be useless as a working dog.

BOB: AUST CH Goldedge Country Style
(Tinaru Downtown Brown – Ashem Girl On Fire)
BOS: SE CH Evallens Chocolate Valla
(Ballare Stukova – Evallens Red & Tan Gilpa)

Day was long but I had super good ring secretaries so the working went smoothly. Thank you Ulla and Anette! One small detail that pleased me was to see two smoke blue kelpies with correct coat. That is something I haven’t seen for a while!

As a giveaway to Swedish breeders could be one observation. Don’t loose the correct chest and shape of the ribcage. Pay attention that the chest is long enough, for supporting the back and that ribs are well-sprung for giving room for heart and lung.

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