T-litter is born!

Late Thursday evening (60d from first mating) Dana started to show real symptoms about coming delivery. First puppy born 21.30 and then steady, even delivery until seventh puppy was born around two AM. Then nothing! We knew that there was nine puppies, so two left. Dana kept on trying to push and push. Rested a bit and then started again. When I examined her I felt a tip of a nose near¬†cervix. The head felt big! Despite of hard pushes it didn’t move anywhere. I pushed the puppy a bit back and it moved. We walked Dana and let her rest a while. At this moment we understood that it has been too long time that there was nothing left that we could do for this little one.

Finally after several attempts I manage to get firm grip of this puppy’s head and with help of Dana pull the big dead boy out. What a relief! Since Dana has been pushing hardly so long time we decide to get a little help from the vet to get the last one out. At this point only concern is well being of mother. She already had seven strong puppies.¬†Thanks to the ingenuity and persistence of the vet, we got the last puppy out after two hour of hard work, without a cesarean section.

Now we have seven strong and beautiful puppies after Dana and Barcoo.
5 red males and 2 red bitches!

More about the T-litter.


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