Splendid Saturday

At Saturday 21st of August there was two shows around Finland for Australian Kelpie: Kouvola All Breed Show and Helsinki Group Show for FCI groups 1 & 2. We have one kelpie in Kouvola and two at Helsinki. We got BOB from both shows. On top of these fine show results. Didaktic’s Playboy debuted in Obedience competition at Helsinki.

Helsinki – OBEDIENCE
Judge: Carina Savander-Ranne
Didaktic’s Playboy, ALO1, 192 p., HP, placement. 1.

Helsinki – FCI 1 & 2
Judge: Tarja Löfman
Didaktic’s Starbuck, (Working Class) EXC1 CQ BB1 CAC BOB
Didaktic’s Valor JUN ERI1

Kouvola – All Breed Show
Judge: Mari Lackman
Didaktic’s Vico (Juior Class) EXC1 CQ BM1 CAC BOB

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