Winner Show Weekend 2022

Beginning of December there was huge show event in Helsinki. Total of 19 000 dogs where present! Despite of big amount of entries I think the number of kelpies where smaller than what we have used to. I was judging Saturday and Sunday at Winner Puppy Shows so I was not allowed to enter any of my own or co-own dogs and my breeders group was not allowed to participate.

We didn’t have that many D-kelpies than before but despite of that our results where super good. I am so proud of our team – they can show and help each other without me. We got the best bitch in every day and the best of breed on Nord Winner. The biggest title shark was our 12,5 year old grand old lady: Didaktic’s Cosmopolitan. She got herself four new titles!

BOS on Friday was grand daughter of Cosmopolitan, Didaktic’s OMG and the best of breed on Saturday was her daughter Didaktic’s Never Say Never! Quite impressive bitch line!

HeVW-22, PMVV-22, VV-22, V-22
Didaktic’s Cosmopolitan
(Ballare Stukova – Didaktic’s Arana)

Didaktic’s Never Say Never
(Promotion Benelli Tornado – Didaktic’s Cosmopolitan)

Didaktic’s OMG
(Promotion Benelli Tornado – Didaktic’s Ivanka)

Judge: Mette Tufte, DK

BOB Promotion Benelli Tornado & BOS Didaktic’s OMG

Judge: Saija Juutilainen, FI

BOB Promotion Benelli Tornado & Didaktic’s Never Say Never

Judge: Francesco Cohetti, IT

BOB Promotion Benelli Tornado & Didaktic’s Cosmopolitan

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