We have new International Show Champion (C.I.E.)

C.I.E. & FI & EE & LT & LV & BALT CH & NL & LT & LV & EE & BALT & KLB JCH & HeJW-18 & JV-18 & SEJW-18 & EEJV-18 & EEW-18 & LVJW-18 & BENELUXJW-18 & JWW-18 & BALTJW-18 & HeW-18 & LTW-19 & EEW-19 & BALTW-19
Didaktic’s OMG
(CH Promotion Benelli Tornado – CH Didaktic’s Cosmopolitan)

This Young girl has record amount of titles in our breeding already. She has titles from seven countries and she has won breed specialty in Finland and won his sex in Sweden (where her half brother was BOB). Not to mention that she has done super good mental test in Finland.

I think that next year we need to start serious pondering with who we will mate her with.

Thank you Marika for showing and loving our little girl!


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