Breed Championships for Herding 2022

At Saturday, the breed championships for herding of Australian Kelpies were competed at Turku. Our Herding Champion Didaktic’s Starbuck did so fine by being fourth among eight competitors!
Didactic’s Starbuck
(Evallens Red & Tan Lix – Didaktic’s Make Me A Star)
Owner & handler: Mirka Notkonen
(PAIM3, ERI 95p.)

All in all, a great performance. I am so proud of you!
All three dogs before Yindi were so-called farm dogs that work in herding everyday. Yindi was the first amateur among the professionals 🙂

We are planning a litter to Yindi at the end of this year. Male has not decided yet. The focus in this litter is herding, but we expect the puppies to be suitable for all kinds of activities. More about that litter you can read HERE.

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