F2-litter (born 17.12.2023)

Litter was born 17.12.2023. Seven puppies. All puppies reserved!

Autumn 2023 we are plan to have a litter that combines several qualities that I would like to preserve in this breed. Inbreeding rate of this litter is really low, 0.98% counting from five generations. From this litter we are expecting to get kelpies that are fit to all kind of dog sports. I think these dogs complement each other perfectly!

TK1 BH Didaktic’s U R Mine, “KIRRA”

(Kelmi Valtavalta –  Didaktic’s My Kinda Girl)

BH, TK1 Didaktic’s U R Mine

d.o.b. 12.3.2020
ED: 0/0
Spinal: LTV0
Shoulder osteochondrosis: unaffected/unaffected
Size: 52 cm
Sport: TK1, BH

Kirra’s man sport is obedience, where she has currently ALO1.

Kirra at KoiraNet

Kirra at Instagram: @karmasboomerang

All pictures from Kirra: Marjo Pitkänen

FI & EE MVA, FI JMVA, HeJW-21, JV-21 Aussie Action’s Black Zuper Zwix, “RONY”

(Promotion Buel Cyclone –  Aussie Action’s Black Racy Raven)

Aussie Action’s Black Zuper Zwix

d.o.b. 28.2.2021
ED: 0/0
Spinal: LTV0, VA0
Size: 48 cm
Sport: AGI-1
Character test: +123

Rony’s main sport is agility. He will start competing at 2023 and in now in AGI-1.

Rony at KoiraNet

Rony is stabile, work willing and handsome young male with bright future ahead. He’s background is full of excellent agility, obedience and working dogs.

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